Saturday, May 5, 2012

Video: Initial bluetooth connection between Android and Arduino

Here's a video showing my simple app establishing a connection with the Arduino device.

Since the only Bluetooth device that will be controlling the garage is the Arduino,  I hardcoded the address of the Bluetooth module into my code, so I don't have to select it every time I start the app.

Here is a very crude run-through of what the app does to connect:

<Start App>
1.  If Bluetooth on the phone is not enabled, then enable it.
2.  Wait for Bluetooth to be enabled before continuing.
3.  Prepare overhead needed for the Bluetooth connection, such as an address to the Arduino BT device, etc.
4.  Start the connection to Bluetooth device.
5.  Notify user if connected failed or succeeded.

<At this point, the connection is established, and I can send messages to the Arduino Bluetooth device as well as receive status updates>

I forgot to mention I had to write a simple program for the Arduino as well, to prepare the Bluetooth port for connection.  All it does right now is prepare the port and wait for a connection request from the phone.

What I'll be working on next is sending a command from the phone to trigger the Arduino to send out a signal which will be used to open the garage.

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