Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Android Garage Access

This project will allow me to open my existing garage door with my Android phone (and if i'm up for it, I'll write an app for Iphone as well since everybody has one in this house).  I will initially get this thing working using Bluetooth, but eventually, it will work via the internet.  I will also add features which will tell alert me if the garage door is open or not.

I will be using an Arduino Uno which contains an Atmel ATmega328 microcontroller.  This unit is the "brains" of this project and takes commands sent from the phone and will process it.

I also have a bluetooth shield which accompanies the Arduino Uno.  Obviously, it will use Bluetooth as the communication protocol to send data and receive commands to the phone.

Android app in work, please subscribe and stay tuned...!

P.S.  I would love your feedback, suggestions, and ideas for other projects!  Subscribe me! =]


  1. Whats the range going to be like?

    1. Bluetooth should work just right outside my driveway, but the plan is to get this to relay back to a PC inside my house. My phone will then send the commands wherever I can get internet/4G access.